Up close with The Pacific Belles

September 23, 2015

We get up close and personal with our Sing for Good ambassadors and retro trio The Pacific Belles and ask about their 1940s inspiration, the benefits of group singing and of course, vintage fashion.

1. Let’s go back to the beginning. How did you all meet and form a retro singing trio?
Betty (Laura Monaghan) came over from Blighty with her love for the era and set up the trio by auditioning for Belles. There is now a fleet of seven Belles, we’re taking over Melbourne!

2. What inspired you to create music from the 1940s and take on persona’s as Betty, Dot and Mabel?
The music is something that appeals to all generations. It’s great to bring back the nostalgia of it’s time when music was used to lift sprits and ladies were ladies. We love the 40s style make up, hair and fashion.

It’s wonderful to have different personas when we perform and be able to take the wigs and costumes off when we go home after a performance. It’s like living a double life!

3. If The Pacific Belles could sing one song for the rest of their life what would it be?
It would definitely be our favourite Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy made famous by our idols The Andrews Sisters.

4. As our ambassadors for Sing for Good and the With One Voice choir program we admire the positive energy that radiates from your singing trio. What are the benefits of singing in a group rather than solo?
Thank you, we believe that singing with others makes you happy and it’s a know fact that it improves you’re mental health. We just love singing in a trio together it gives you strength and confidence, we’ve formed a special bond.

5. What is it like singing and working along-side everyone’s favourite Neighbours star Alan Fletcher?
Alan is a gem, he’s our very own Bing Crosby. He’s so professional and yet so personable at the same time, he brings so much energy and positivity to our projects we just can’t help but adore him!

6. What do you think the world would be like if everyone sang together (in perfect harmony)?
The World would be an incredible place if everyone sang together in perfect harmony; we can at least try to imagine that.

7. We absolutely love your vintage fashion! Where do you source your amazing outfits?
The outfits are very special are’t they. They are made by Vivien of Holloway. We get them from Christine’s on Brunswick Street. She has great 40’s and 50’s fashion.
Help make the world a better place by joining us in song and show your support at Sing for Good #singforgood

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