Singclusion becomes a reality

By Eloise Mahoney

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone sang when they talked and danced when they walked. A world where we were all united through the pure joy of music. A world where ‘singclusion’ was actually a word and we all sang in perfect harmony.

Imagine waking up every day and instead of saying ‘Good Morning’ you begin belting out a bit of Wham! before you ‘go-go’ on your merry way. Crazy, I know, but one can only dream!









This utopian world where music is the universal language is a far-fetched dream for some. Like many, you may have been told you can’t sing. The reality hurts. Trust me, I can barely sing in tune!

And while we may never sound as dreamy as George Michael, we need to stand up and push past the ‘shushes’ from those demanding silence. Absolutely nothing is stopping you from stretching your vocal chords a little further than your shower or car.

One thing I have discovered from opening up my voice is that it’s good for you! Neuroscience has proven time and time again that singing – especially as a group – makes us happier, healthier, smarter and more creative.

Singing releases those little feel good endorphins you get from eating chocolate, but without the unwanted calories. Sounds like a diet for life if you ask me.

Not convinced yet? Let me introduce you to a group of do-gooders who are making the singclusion dream a reality. Playing for Change is a social movement inspiring and connecting everyone through music.  They believe that music and song has the power to break down boundaries and make us more connected globally.

It is the vision of an ideal world, but its working! Just like Michael Jackson sang to Heal the World, Playing for Change are ‘gonna make a change, it feels real good… they’re gonna make a difference, gonna make it right…’ mj
The Playing for Change movement was founded in 2002 by Mark Johnson and Whitney Kroenke when they hit the streets of America to sing with the soul shakers of the suburbs. Since then, the musical team has grown and they have been tirelessly globetrotting to record a series called “Songs Around The World”. Each musician is welcomed with open arms and hearts into the global music family.

A Playing for Change band was also created as a result of this journey, bringing the greatest musicians together through song. The band members come from all different countries and cultures, but the best part is they all speak the same language: music. It’s real life ‘singclusion’ happening right before our eyes.

“With music we are always working together – the musician and the audience create the shared experience. This is a great foundation to build social change”
– Playing for Change

Playing for Change is in tune with the message we hum for Sing for Good so it seemed fitting they enter our community singing challenge. Their video ‘Cotton Fields’ is an oldie by Huddie Ledbetter from the 1940s being played by Blind Boy Paxton, Luke Winslow King, Esther Rose, Takuya Kuroda and the California Feetwarmers.

It’s a toe-tapping folky performance that is bound to leave you with a smile from ear to ear and feel-good goosebumps all over! Watch the Playing for Change video here and donate or vote to show your support.

Playing for Change Day is taking place on 19 September 2015, where musicians and music lovers can gather together for a global day of action to help bring music into the lives of children and promote positive social change.

The day sees 400+ musical events take places in over 60 countries around the world with money raised go towards providing instruments and music inspiration to today’s youth.  To support the day and get involved check out

Are you ready to step out of the shower and master the new universal language?

You can also join us in Sing for Good and help us spread the singclusion movement. Simply enter a video, share it with friends and celebrate the power of the voice.

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