The (G)love ladies continue to climb the leaderboard

A mutual love of karaoke and a background working in mental health inspired our leading Sing for Good entrants The Clinical Notes to take to the stage and have some fun! We decided to find out how this success entry came about, the reason for the (G)love and the hours spent perfecting their love song medley.













  1. Tell us, how did you form the group The Clinical Notes and what inspired the name?
    This was actually the last thing we came up with – as we were all sitting around the dining table having a meal together.  We were interested to show that we had a clinical background, and we couldn’t resist a good pun!
  2. What is the significance of wearing the Glove?
    Just a bit of silliness really.  We were planning to go all out and wear some glitter but it was all a bit last minute so a glittery glove was as far as we got.  Plus, it adds a clinical dimension to it.
  3. Your performance is smooth and rehearsed. How many hours did it take to get the (G)love Medley ready to shoot?
    Sumitra had the idea one weekend after reading about it in the Big Issue. The following weekend, after many text messages and singing sessions over the telephone we were ready to give it a go. Everyone had a great deal of enthusiasm, and we were lucky to have some help from our friends Gwyn and Lynn.  It was a blast.
  4. What is your favourite song to sing in karaoke?
    How can you make us choose just one???
  5. Working in the mental health sector, what are some of the benefits you feel both physically and mentally when singing in a group?
    All of us have sung in choirs at different times in our lives, and we all enjoy the sense of companionship and camaraderie that it provides.  It is also great to be able to express ourselves in a creative way.  It’s essential to let loose and have a bit of fun!
  6. What do you think the world would be life if everyone sang together (in perfect harmony)?
    We think variety is the spice of life, so an odd note here and there is great.
  7. Besides karaoke and singing, do The Clinical Notes have any other loves?
    Well, we all like lots of different things, but we have a common love of eating!

The Clinical Notes are truly inspiring and have received an outstanding amount of support and donations. We hope this inspire others to add some spice into their life and give it a go!

Watch their entry here and donate or vote to show your support.

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