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When we received a Sing for Good entry all the way from London we were excited to connect with people from across the globe. Even more inspiring was the song entrants Tus and Natasha wrote titled ‘Border Door’ in support of breaking down barriers and welcoming refugees. The song aims to motivate others to change, act and heal as their message to ‘open up the border door’ plays in the minds of listeners. We asked Tus to share some of the highs and lows of her singing journey, how she came to Sing for Good and her new found confidence in singing every day for a year.

Where did you first hear about our singing project Sing for Good

I came across Tania de Jong’s talk “How singing together changes the brain” from TedxTalk. I tried to find her contact and sent her a message right away to express how much I was inspired by the talk. Listening to her speech, I felt very motivated to sing with other people more often and to set up a WithOneVoice London. Tania replied to me and also let me know about Sing for Good. I entered right away, such an awesome way to raise awareness and fundraise for people in need.

How long have you been singing?  

I have always been singing and humming since I was little. I performed sometimes in special school events. I have always been quite shy about my singing ability though. I went through depression 3 months ago because of many different reasons. During that depression phase I was very critical of myself, I had zero self-esteem and I could not sing, even just for myself. Then I met Melanie Garside (Maple Bee) who is a music therapist, musician. She offered me weekly music therapy sessions which changed my life totally. I was able to overcome depression. I started singing again and enjoying life much more. I now see life full of hopes and possibilities.

What sparked your interest to write the song “Border Door” to raise awareness about the refugee crisis? 

Here is what Natasha Gilbert wrote: “After holding a fundraising event for refugee support projects, I became very passionate about the future of those stuck between borders. I wanted to write a song that has a simple calling: ‘open up the border, open up the border door’. We hope that it will echo in the hearts of listeners  growing their empathy to the point where they are ready to read more , donate and volunteer for refugee services. Singing has the power to motivate others to change, or to act, as well as to heal. We can do this best as a community, which is why Tus and I came together to sing this.”

You are also singing one song a day for a year and sharing it on social media. How many songs have you recorded so far? And how has this helped you become more confident in your singing? 

I have been singing every day for 42 days now! In the first week, I was very shy and nervous when I posted a video, I thought a lot about whether I sang well enough, what people were going to think of me and now I’m not worried anymore! It has been so awesome! Lately, I have also been feeling much more energized and creative every day! I am a full time art student and singing has enabled me to have more ideas in my art practice. My friends have been noticing the changes in me and ask why I am so excited these last few days!

Where can we hear more of your beautiful songs to share with others?

Check out Natasha Gilbert music and follow Tus on her amazing Sing for 365 day project.


We wish Tus all the best for the year ahead of singing, which will no doubt have a happy, healthy and positive impact.

Watch Tus and Natasha Sing for Good here and support them in their hope for opening the border door and welcoming refugees.

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