World Singing Day: a catalyst for global transformation

An interview with World Singing Day founder Scott Johnson

Scott-Johnson-World-Singing-Day-2015Music has always been my therapy. Whenever I need to express my feelings, to feel better, to connect to that wiser part of myself, I sit down at the piano and sing.

Music has always been more than just entertainment to me. It’s been a way for me to feel at peace, and a way to connect with others on a very human level. That’s why I founded World Singing Day — to create peace within ourselves, and connection and peace among others around the world.

Sing for Good is a proud partner of World Singing Day and we encourage everyone to get involved in our shared vision. Melbournites are warmly invited to join our With One Voice choirs and Sing for Good Ambassadors for a free Community Singalong in Federation Square on the eve of World Singing Day. Event details.

Last year was essentially World Singing Day’s first year and I was pleased what we accomplished in just one year. We had several thousand people in a dozen countries participate; we awarded $4,500 USD to choirs, schools and musicians who participated, with the money being spend on music scholarships, music education, and in some instances, even basics like food; and we established solid connections with a variety of individuals and organizations, from Creativity Australia and its Sing for Good project, to the famous Indian singer Shankar Mahadevan.

My vision for World Singing Day is to have millions of people from every country singing on the same day each year to celebrate our common humanity. I imagine a global wave of singing, starting in New Zealand and going west around the world for 24 hours. Our ultimate goal is that, in time, the power of millions of people singing together will reach a critical mass and overwhelm the conflict and strife that is so prevalent in the world today. At least for one day each year.

I invite you to join us on Saturday, October 24 and sing wherever you are and whatever you’re comfortable with. Sing in the shower. Sing along to your favorite songs on the stereo. Sing with your family and friends at home. Or organize a community sing-along of popular songs in a local pub or gathering place. For more ideas, visit

Just like Sing for Good, this is a singing event for everyone, even those who say ‘I can’t sing.’ It’s about connecting, celebrating and having fun.

Post videos and photos on social media of you participating in World Singing Day and help spread the word (use the hashtag #worldsingingday). Sing and create some peace within yourself and share it with others.

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