Challenge ends Tuesday 7th November

Terms and Conditions


By submitting an entry to the Sing for Good project, you (on your own behalf and on behalf of each person participating in the entry (the performers)) acknowledge and agree that:

(a) the entry must not be offensive to, discriminatory against or denigrating to any person or group of people, including on the basis of gender, religion, age, disability, racial background, sexual orientation or preference or marital status;

(b) the entry is not being used to promote a business, political party, or other community group (other than in a purely incidental manner);

(c) the entry complies with any other guidelines set by Creativity Australia from time to time;

(d) the entry is the work of the performers only and uses music, backing tracks and other incidental music for which a performer owns copyright or is otherwise able to use and grant Creativity Australia right to use, without payment of any fees or compliance with other requirements,

(e) the entry does not involve any adaptation or variation to the lyrics of the song being performed;

(f) Creativity Australia can use the entry only for the Sing for Good challenge without payment of any licence fee, royalty or other payment to a performer or any third party;

(g) none of the performers will receive any payment, financial benefit or other reward from Creativity Australia for their participation in the entry or Creativity Australia’s subsequent use of the entry; and

(h) Creativity Australia has sole discretion on whether to display any footage submitted as part of an entry at any event at which Creativity Australia is displaying the entries and it may edit or remove any footage which it considers offensive, in breach of these terms or which is otherwise inappropriate;

(i) Creativity Australia may remove your fundraising page (with no obligation to return any donations received before that date) and any links to your entry on any website which is managed by Creativity Australia;

On behalf of each performer, you:

(j) consent to Creativity Australia using the entry for the purposes of the Sing for Good project, including display of the entry, or any part of it, at the event screenings and concerts (including at Federation Square), on any website controlled by Creativity Australia or for media coverage of the Sing for Spring project, at no cost to Creativity Australia;

(k) consent to Creativity Australia using still images created by Creativity Australia from the entry for promotional purposes connected with Creativity Australia’s business, the Sing for Good project and the With One Voice choir program; and

(l) waive any moral rights or other rights which they may have in relation to their participation in the entry, including any claims against Creativity Australia in connection with its use, editing or promotion of the entry.

Headphones and laptop