AnnabelI have cerebral palsy and walk with elbow crutches. I also use a mobility scooter to get to where I need to go.

I come to choir to meet new people and improve my networks. I also come to choir because I am passionate about singing! I even sing along to my music on my iPhone when I’m out walking! I’ve loved singing all my life and I had singing lessons in high school, I was also in musicals throughout school!

The With One Voice choirs enable members to meet other people who they wouldn’t normally meet. Singing also a lot of positive benefits, including improving self-esteem and encouraging people to do things that they may have been told they can’t do.

I volunteered as choir member support officer because I wanted to give back to a community that has given me so much.

If I met someone who was struggling with something, I would encourage them to come to the With One Voice program because it will help them to forget their worries for a short time each week.

They will find people in the program who will accept them for who they are and could even help change their lives for the better, even in the smallest way.

I had been looking for work for six years and last year I managed to find a job in a call centre.  Unfortunately, I was sacked from that job after eight weeks even though I tried hard to do everything they asked.  I mentioned at choir that I had just been sacked from my job and my wish was to find a good ongoing job.

Peter Kronborg introduced me to Anne Tesch whom Tania had invited to choir. She said she might be able to help me with some voluntary work.

I called Anne this year and she said that she is willing to give me work but it won’t be voluntary work.  Instead it will be paid work! I just started and am so excited. Choir has changed my life.

Annabel recently walked 500km in 90 days for charity… which gave her a lot of singing time!

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