Challenge ends Tuesday 7th November

About the Cause

With One Voice program highlights

Raise your voice and make a real difference. Sing a song with others and change lives through our global online video challenge.

The Sing for Good Video Challenge is a global online fundraising platform that encourages community singing to raise awareness of social isolation, the global epidemic of our time. Launching recently, it’s an opportunity for the wider community to be creative, have fun and make a difference by singing with others. We encourage you to invite your networks to donate/vote for your entry as this helps raise awareness of social isolation.

With One Voice

No matter what age you are or what language you speak, singing offers opportunities to learn, grow, and express who you are. When diverse people sing together on a regular basis, we create supportive communities better placed to solve some of society’s biggest challenges, such as mental illness, cultural tension and unemployment. Creativity Australia’s With One Voice choirs welcome people from all faiths, cultures and backgrounds, aged 9 to 90. Age, race, language, religion, disability and disadvantage fade away. We require that children be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Our Inspiration

How Singing Improves Wellbeing

Neuroscience proves that singing makes us healthier, happier, smarter and more creative. Everybody has a voice and we encourage you to use yours to change lives!