Mawarra Community Choir – Sing


Why We Sing

Mawarra community choir has now been together for 1 year+ and what a year. Singing at old folk’s homes, community markets and visiting Melbourne to sing with and listen to Choir of Hard Knocks.

Our choir consists of Mawarra clients, who have a disability, as well as people in the community from all walks of life. We are led with enthusiasm by choir master Lynn Jones. Our faces light up on a Thursday with smiles and excitement as we set up our room for choir practice.

This community choir has helped to bring happiness into some people’s lives who may not always experience happiness and they always look forward to the next public performance.

Donations raised through Sing for Good help people in need through Creativity Australia's inclusive With One Voice choir program. As we're a charity, all donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your generous support.

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Mawarra Community Choir – Sing

Created by Sharon Axford from Australia on October 24, 2016.

Submissions close 18 November